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We gladly accept purchase orders from most government agencies. 

If your government agency would like to place an order using a purchase order, please fax in a signed copy of your purchase order to us at 704-264-1224 along with your order or email it to us at  

Please be sure that your fax or email includes all of the information for your order including the items you wish to purchase as well as all contact information for those in charge of purchasing. To ensure that all information for each item is included, many of the departments we serve will add the items they wish to purchase to our online shopping cart, print off the cart and fax that along with the signed purchase order to us.  Add the items, sizes, and quantities to the cart will also provide accurate pricing for any purchase order approval needs.  

Please be sure that the purchase order includes shipping charges.  Shipping charges can be calculated in our online shopping cart.  On your purchase order, please be sure to include an administrative contact for your agency and a contact person with telephone number in the finance department as well as an contact email so that we can send shipping information when the order is ready to ship and can verify purchase approval. 

All purchase orders will have to be confirmed before the order is started and before it is shipped. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-593-1570.

Agency Forms:

When your department makes an order with us using a Proper Purchase Order, we will supply the following forms to your department for payment. These include an invoice, a copy of the purchase order and a copy of our W-9 form (upon request) as required by law. 

Please understand that we are a small company and some government agencies require "forms" to be filled out to be considered for or to qualify for a pruchase with purchase order (and wait for payment). In the past some agencies have presented us with forms to "register" with their agency in the event that they would like to make a purchase (No actual purchase made). At this time, due to time limits we are no longer offering to "Register" for the opportunity to perhaps get an order from your agency. We decline the opportunity to submit bids or participate in the bidding process. Our prices are listed, they are current.  If you would like to make a purchase, please do. If your department or government agency requires forms to "register" or forms to possibly "qualify" to purchase from with purchase order (and wait for payment), then we encourage you, as departments have started to modernize, to consider making your purchases with your department's credit card to streamline the ordering process. Again our W-9 is available as required by Federal law. Thank you