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Toll Free: 800-593-1570

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Special Notice To Our Customers

Unfortunatley for the past year or more some of the "Virtual Assistants" , like google, siri and alexa have "mis-identified" our long-used toll free number (877-543-2786) as the number to call for Regsitration Plate and Driver's License issues for all states when their users ask for that number. Over 90% of the calls to our toll free number were related to DMV type calls. As you can imagine this has caused problems for us and for you, our customers.  We have spent a lot of time and resources trying to combat the misinformation and to free up our toll free line for our customers without results. This past week we finally had to give up the fight and we have removed our toll free line (that we have had for 20 years). We have now changed our toll free number to 800-593-1570. We are currently updating our sites with this information and will soon be "Porting" this new toll free number to our new phone service. The number is up and working but we may experience some small issues as we get the new number working on our new service. If you have called and not gotten an answer, or have called and not recieved a timely call back, we sincerely apologize. Our resources have been severely overwhelmed. Rest assured that we are working to remedy this situation and hope to have our customer service phones in good working order within the next week.  We have also added a new text feature to our site. It is the small text bubble on the lower right corner of your browser. Please feel free to use this app to contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your patience. Staff

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Answers To Frequent Questions

May I Make A Change To An Order:
Fortunately and Unfortunately when you place an order for a custom product work will begin right away. Work includes but is not limited to creating art, creating a design, setting up files, ordering products, printing, packaging etc... to fill your order as quickly as possible. As such we cannot honor requests to change, alter or cancel an order. Submitting an order and submitting payment is your authorization for us to commence work. Orders should be considered and checked thouroughly before submitting. There are times when we can redo the work for an additional charge if any of the work has already begun.

What Are Your General Productions Times:
As stated on our web site with each product and generally throughout our web site, orders of non-custom items are usually ready to ship in 1 to 5 business days while custom items usually take 5 to 9 business days to design and to produce (If you chose RUSH Production Services production times will be shorter), during peak times these times can increase slightly because of order volume. Once your order is ready to ship, it can take another 1 to 7 business days to reach you by the shipper depending on where you are located and the shipping service that you chose at check out.

Shipping Services:
t checkout you were offered several choices for shipping on most items (Some items and delivery locations have restricted shipping methods). As stated on our web site, the choice you make for Shipping Services DOES NOT EFFECT THE TIME TO DESIGN, PRODUCE AND PREPARE YOUR ORDER FOR SHIPPING. It only effects the shipping part of the order. We will do everything we can to get your order out as soon as possible.

Catalog Requests:
We do not offer a printed catalog at this time. All of our products are displayed on our web site at or Feel free to print any product page if you need a printed copy.

What to do when you can't add an item to your cart and/or checkout:
When your computer or device is not allowing you to make a purchase online as the site is setup to do... ALWAYS start with closing your browser, save your work, restart your computer or device and try again. Computers need to be restarted from time to time to keep them working properly. This is especially true when you have set up your drevice to automatically download updates. 90% of the time a simple system restart will fix the problem.

Our agency needs a copy of's W9 form, How do I get this?: 
Click on this link to download our W9 form.

Toll Free Order Line: 800-593-1570

Fax: 704-264-1224

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You can use the form above to contact Customer Support. Support requests will be handled during our normal business hours.