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Wednesday, September 16 2020
Personalized New York License Plate Version 2 - Size 4

This photo is sent to us by S.  Sigot from Buskirk, NY.  This is the New York Version 2 plate and is the 4" X 7" size. The customer appears to have used a generic bracket and attached the plate using screws. The image appears that the plate was attached to an antique bike. If you have more information about this item and how it was attached please write us. It is our hope to have a forum where customers can share the plate sizes that they chose, the item that they attached it to and how they chose to attach the plate.  We hope that this will help future customer decide which size to purchase for their items. 

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Wednesday, September 16 2020
Personalized Colorado License Plate - Size 2

This photo comes to us from J. Jordan of Avarda Colorado. I am not sure which car model this item is  but the customer chose the 2" X 4" Aluminum License Plate. While we do not have the information from the customer, it appears that the customer may have attached this plate using glue or double sided tape.

You can find double sided tape here on Amazon

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